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Bombay Nursing Homes Association

Reg. No. : P.T.R. No. F-4517 (Bom.)

About BNHA

BNHA will complete 45 years in October 2016. It was born in October 1977, at Indian Medical Association, Mumbai Branch Hall, by uniting of a large number of doctors and nursing homes owners. This was to deliberate for the first time, on the common problems, which the nursing homes owners had begun to face by then. The meeting was well attended by the leading nursing homes owners and stalwarts like Dr. B. N. Purandare, Dr. C. L. Jhaveri, Dr. T. P. Shah, Dr.S. S. Thakur, Dr. Talwalkar, Dr. Kerkar, Dr. Punamiya.

The exact birth circumstances were as follows. Till that date, although the Bombay Nursing Homes Registration act, was in existence, it was applied only for registering the individual nursing homes.

Even minimum wages act was not heard of by many. At that point in time the labour department officers started visiting nursing homes demanding details of the payment of minimum wages, working hours etc, and threatening action for non compliance.

The wave of insecurity and panic that spread amongst the nursing homes owners, resulted in birth of this association.

The association was nurtured and grew under the leadership of stalwarts, who served as illustrious Presidents :

Dr. B. N. Purandare,
Dr. C. L. Jhaveri,
Dr. S. S. Thakur,
Dr. Kerkar,
Dr. C. J. Karande, and
Dr. Sudha Sheth.

With passage of time there was a realization that, the needs of smaller private nursing homes, were unique and different and needed to be properly represented to the concerned Authorities. From time to time, we have taken up issues relating to nursing homes with he authorities, by making them aware of our difficulties and also assisting them in finding workable solutions to various problems facing Nursing Homes.

BNHA was invited to participate in formative discussions of Maharashtra Clinical Establishment Act. BNHA actively participated in committees for Accreditation of nursing homes.

As an ongoing process, the members were informed about Biomedical Waste Disposal, PNDT Act, MTP Registration Act, Shops and Establishment Act (case is sub-Judiciary), from time to time.


Bombay Nursing Homes Association