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Bombay Nursing Homes Association

Reg. No. : P.T.R. No. F-4517 (Bom.)

Constitution of the Bombay Nursing Homes Association

 The name of the Association shall be "THE BOMBAY NURSING HOMES ASSOCIATION" and in the following Rules be referred to as the association (BNHA).
 The Registered Office of the Association shall be situated in the City of Bombay at the address of Hon. Secretary General either residential or office address, who ever is the Hon. Secretary General at that time. The permanent address will be :

C/O. 101, Mangal Murti CHS, Off S.K. Bole Road, Agar Bazaar,
Near Raheja Princess, Dadar(W), Mumbai 400 028.
Phone: 2421 1555, 2421 2555 Fax: 2421 3555
Email: response@bnha.in

A) The objects of the Association shall be:
a. To develop among the members of the Association the spirit of fellow-feeling and to organize through the media of the Association such activities as may prove beneficial and of common advantage to the Members.
b. To protect the interest and redress the grievances of the members and to help to remove their difficulties in conducting their hospital.
c. To provide legal guidance and/or assistance to remembers in respect of any matter arising out of or incidental to the administration of their hospital. (This legal aid shall, however, not be free of charge).
d. To try & solve the problems of mutual interest for needy members and to represent the problem to government, semi government, Municipal & other concerned authorities.
e. To obtain information regarding the running of the hospitals in Greater Mumbai and compile statistics on such matters which are of interest to the members in their day-to-day activities, involving the practice of their profession.
f. To cooperate with other associations of similar nature or having similar objects in India or outside.
g. To educate members by undertaking scientific research in the direction of current and latest techniques and processes, involved in the practice of their profession.
h. To provide medical facilities of all specialties to the common-man at reasonable rates.
i. To take such other steps as may be necessary to promote social activities and improve academic standards of the members.
j. To keep members informed about the latest legal developments and their implications.

B) For the attainment of the above objects the Association may organize branches in various localities where the hospitals of the members are situated.

 INCOME AND PROPERTY:- of the Association shall be utilized solely for the promotion of the aims and objects of the association as set forth above or as amended by the General Body in future, after deducting there from all charges and expenses incurred either directly or indirectly towards the administration and establishment of the Association.

Unless - there may be anything in the subject or context inconsistent therewith:
b. The "Year" means the year commencing from 1st April to 31st March.
c. The "Member":
i. Any person who is owning a private nursing Home/Hospital and who is a Registered Medical Practitioner registered with Maharashtra Medical Council or any other government recognized equivalent Medical Body can become a member of the Association on payment of sum or sums under the Rules and Regulations.
ii. A non Medical owner will be called "Associate Member" and will not have voting rights.
iii. All members of the Association will be "Life Members" & there will not be yearly membership,
d. The "Owner" means an individual who is a proprietor/partner or is otherwise connected with the running of private hospitals in Greater Bombay. This definition will exclude Charitable, Semi-Charitable, Subsidized Hospitals and other Hospitals as decided by the Managing Committee of the Association.

All Partners of a Hospital, if they so desire can become members of the Association.
e. The "Hospital" means Institution, wherein there are facilities for admitting and treating patients.
f. The word "He" may be read as "She" whenever it pertains to a female member.

Any person who, in the opinion of the Managing Committee, is a Sympathizer and Well-Wisher of the Association and who has attained a place of distinction and honour in the Society and/or in the medical profession and whose admission as an Honorary Member is desirable and in the interest of the Association, may be invited to join the Association as an Honorary Member, without any monetary consideration and without any voting right in any meetings of the Association.

a. Any person who qualified himself to be a member within the meaning of the Rules of this Association is open for enrolment as Patron/Life/Associate Member of the Association up on the payment of the Entrance Fee of Rs. 100/- at the time of admission. The Membership subscription for Patrons/Life/Associate Members will be Rs. 4000/-. The subscription towards legal fund shall be Rs. 500/- or any amount prevailing at the time of admission. Total 4600/- cheque in the name of "Bombay Nursing Home Association"
b. Any person desiring to join the Association as a Patron/Life/Associate Member shall first satisfy himself as to the qualifications required under the rules of Association and shall submit his application in the prescribed forms disclosing therein the necessary particulars. Upon receiving such application the admisging committee shall approve the Membership of such person and then he shall be entitled to enrolment as a patron/life/associate member in the Register of members maintained for the purpose.

 MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION, including Entrance Fees and contribution towards legal fund and any other fees levied in future are payable at the time of admission.

i. A member whose membership is terminated during any year shall not be entitled to any rebate or refund of subscription.
ii. A Member of the associates shall cease to be a Member if by Majority of not less than 3/4 of the Members present at the General Body Meeting and Voting there at, finds that his/her membership is in any manner prejudicial to the interest of the Association. However, such recommendation has to come from the Managing Committee, which shall give to such, a Member reasonable opportunity of being, heard.
Any member of the Association may withdraw from the Association by giving not less than 1(One) month's Notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary General of his intention to do so and upon the expiry of the said Notice, such Member shall cease to be a Member of the Association. However, he/she will have to pay his/her dues, and will not be entitled to any refund.

a. The Association shall keep a Register of all its Members, containing their names, addresses, etc., in such form or forms, as may be prescribed by the Managing Committee.
b. The Register of Members as well as books of accounts shall be open for inspection by any member or office-bearer of the Association . at the registered office of the Association, during the office-hours of the Association, but only after due Notice of one week.

Bombay Nursing Homes Association