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Bombay Nursing Homes Association

Reg. No. : P.T.R. No. F-4517 (Bom.)

Hon. Secretary Message

Dr. Manoj Gandhi


First, I would like to thank all managing committee members for giving me the opportunity and responsibility of restructuring the BNHA.
We have updated the database of most of the members, but still waiting to recieve all the members completed membership updating forms, but now it will be easier, as one can do it online on our website and henceforth hope our communication to our members will improve.
Also launching the website has been easy for me due to the BNHA CD prepared by Dr. B. T. Shah and support of all our members.

Prime areas where we can play a major role in decision making, if united,

 Recruitment and training of our support staff.
 Dealing with the TPA.
 Teaching our support staff on Biomedical Waste segregation, Hospital disinfection, sterilization and maintenance of equipments.

Collectively if united we can do wonders and give the best quality treatment to our patients.

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Bombay Nursing Homes Association