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Bombay Nursing Homes Association

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Dear Members,

Greetings from Bombay Nursing Homes Association and Novo Nordisk - Joint Training Programme for Management of Diabetes and Hypertension for Doctors / Staff Nurses / Paramedical Staff.

Project Aspire (Certified by European CME CPD Academy) in association with prestigious Bombay Nursing Homes Association.

Workshop is from October 2020 - April 2021

It's a 6 month training programme and start date for the batch will be 3rd October 2020. All participants will receive the entire journey of the programme on the first live meeting day Minimum batch size of 50 to 100 nursing homes. Based on number of participants we can run multiple batches. The end date for all the batches will be same (April 2021) so that award ceremony can be done for all the participants together . Nursing homes have to nominate either the doctor (Min qualification MBBS) or doctor + paramedic staff for the program (Different course content and batch for Doctor and Paramedics) This is a national level programme aims for reaching out to nursing homes and hospital across India so the certificate will have the European university logo Award ceremony in April is only limited to the participating nursing homes. Only participating Nursing homes Owners/doctors/paramedics can attend the meeting whatever number it is on the award ceremony day. Primary point for registration of this certification program Aspire will be Mr Abid Khan Mobile-(9870254977) or email IAKN@novonordisk.com Attached are the brochure and course content along with registration form for Aspire.

Thanks & Regards
Dr.Manoj Gandhi
Secretary - Bombay Nursing Homes Association - http://www.bnha.in

Abid Khan
Associate Manager-Business Development - Novo Nordisk

Bombay Nursing Homes Association